Contrary to the belief of many, a saint isn’t a wimp, lame, or simply a Church sycophant. Historically, saints have lived hardcore lives full of great adventure. They are men and women who have fully become the person that God created them to be. Simply put, a saint is someone who has excelled in their unique God-given ability to love. You and I have an ability to love that is unique only to us. Every person has the chance to live the adventure of a lifetime and find how they are personally called to love God and those around them. Today the Church needs men and women to step up, be who they were created to be, and live radical, hardcore lives of holiness. All of us have the opportunity to become hardcore disciples of Jesus in a world that has lost touch with his love. Love InSight wants to reconnect people to Christ through the lives of the saints. Below you will find stories of hardcore saints that have answered the call to be disciples of Jesus and therein keeping love in sight.


Saints of the Early Church

Mary, Mother of God

Peter, First Among The Apostles

Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles

Andrew, The First Disciple Called By Jesus

Anthony, Fighting Demons in the Desert

St. Cecilia: Patron of Music, Strength of Womanhood

Saints of the Modern Period

Gabriel Possenti: The Marksman Saint that Saved a Village