Do you want to invite others to become dedicated disciples of Jesus in the 21st century? Love InSight offers Bible studies, talks, retreats, and other resources for parishes and individuals that aim to change the world for Christ.


Resources for Bible Study

In the Catholic Church, there has been a great renewal of Scripture study in the last fifty years. Love InSight offers many options for the study of Scripture from video, audio, and written resources. If you have a group or a parish that may be interested in one of our Love InSight Bible studies, please contact us in the form below to learn about options and pricing.

  • “Acts of the Apostles: The Apostles’ Model for Parish Evangelization”
  • “1 Corinthians: Making Love Our Aim Through Difficulties”
  • “The Old Testament and Jesus: The Story of Our Salvation”
  • “Encountering Jesus: Letting the Gospels Speak to You”
  • “The Sacraments and the Bible: Institutions of Christ”


Resources for Parish Small Groups

There has been a recent renewal in building small groups for Catholic parish life. Small groups are a great way to follow Jesus and to encourage discipleship for all members of your parish. They are also a place where people can be cared for when life gets more difficult. Small groups are also a place where people who usually don’t offer their time and talent can use their gifts and abilities to care for others. The people at Love InSight have been involved in building Catholic small groups for over a decade. If you would like help to start small groups at your parish, please contact us by filling out the form below.



Love InSight has exciting speakers on a number of Catholic topics including:

  • Importance of Daily Prayer
  • Making Your Parish a Community that Matters
  • Acts 4: A Model for Evangelization
  • Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments
  • Theology of the Body
  • First Century Christianity for Today
  • Reading the Bible for Catholics



The Love InSight team would love to put on a day or weekend retreat for your group or parish. If you would like for us to host a retreat any topic, please contact us below. Here are some of our suggested retreats:

  • Prayer, Community, and Mission: Pillars Christian Life
  • Confirmation Retreats
  • Encountering Jesus: A Relationship with Jesus and the Sacraments
  • God With Us: An Advent Retreat

We do Lenten Retreats, Advent Retreats, Confirmation Retreats, and many more options and resources that are specifically designed for your group or parish!