Love InSight is a Catholic ministry that encourages individuals, parishes, and communities to faithfully follow Jesus Christ and His Church in the 21st century. Challenging believers to radically follow Christ, Love Insight promotes new ways to understand and interact with a world that is broken and longing for love. Located in Kansas City and founded by Kyle Sellnow, Love InSight is meant to be a resource for inspiration, discipleship, lay leadership, intellectual formation, and evangelization.


The Inspiration for Love InSight: Philippians 1:9

“And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all insight” (Philippians 1:9).

As St. Paul greeted the community in Philippi, he wanted to remind them of certain fundamental truths in the life of a faithful Christian. Three important things can be drawn from this passage that serve as a helpful guide for us:

The primary task of a Christian is love

The Greek word in this passage for love is agape, which can be classically understood as having good will for another. In the New Testament, it is this kind of love that is shared between a believer and God and believers with each other. Knowing what we know from Jesus and the Greatest Commandments, Paul leads us to these two simple truths that are intimately united: In all things, we are to know and seek what is best in the eyes of God and what is truly best for our neighbors.

It is our aim for love to be growing in our lives constantly

It is not enough that we have love, but it is our goal that love would abound and excel in greater degrees than it has thus far in our lives. God is infinite and we are called to manifest his infinite love in the world. We have not arrived. We will continue to be asked to grow in love for the rest of our lives. It is our task not only to develop the virtue of love, but also to pair with it the virtue of diligence so we will continue to grow in love for God and for others.

Expanding our knowledge of the truth will increase our wisdom to love

I can imagine many university commencement speeches have mentioned the need to be life-long learners. This is the case all the more for the Christian who desires one day to be with his our Lord in heaven. We can never cease plunging into the great depths that come with knowing the love God has for us. And, as Paul alludes to in this passage, it is proper to knowledge and insight that it should lead us to a more perfect love.

In the end, this passage illuminates the goal and purpose of Love InSight: to grow in knowledge and wisdom so that it may direct us and others to a deeper and more perfect life of love.